University of Oxford (Lead Partner)

Principal Investigator: Professor Wes Armour

Co-Investigators: Professor Mike Giles, Professor Phil Biggin, Professor Syma Khalid

Machine Learning and Related CDTs

Molecular Dynamics Groups

The Alan Turing Institute

Co-Investigators: Dr Tomas Lazauskas

Institutional Support: Dr Jim Madge, Dr Tomas Lazauskas

Machine Learning at the Turing

University of Bristol

Co-Investigators: Dr Dima Damen

Institutional Support: Dr Dan Whettam

Machine Learning and Related CDTs

King’s College London

Co-Investigators: Dr Marc Modat

Institutional Support: Professor Richard Christie

Machine Learning and Related CDTs

Queen Mary University of London

Co-Investigators: Professor Mark Sandler

Institutional Support: Mr Tom King

Research Centres using Machine Learning

Molecular Dynamics Research Centres

University of Sheffield

Co-Investigators: Dr Paul Richmond

Institutional Support: Mr Twin Karmakharm

Machine Learning and Related CDTs

University of Southampton

Co-Investigators: Professor Syma Khalid

Moleculear Dynamics Groups

University College London

Co-Investigators: Dr James Hetherington, Mr Denis Timm

Institutional Support: Dr Jonathan Cooper

Machine Learning and Related CDTs

University of Bath

Co-Investigators: Dr Tom Haines

Institutional Support: Mr Mark Townsend

University of Surrey

Co-Investigators: Professor Mark Plumbley

Institutional Support:, Dr Jaydeep Mody

Machine Learning and Related CDTs

University of York

Co-Investigators: Dr James Walker

Loughborough University

Co-Investigators: Professor Qinggang Meng

University of Leeds

Co-Investigators: Martin Callaghan

Imperial College London

Co-Investigators: Dr, Ahmed Fetit, Professor Aldo Faisal

Institutional Support: Dr Dugan Witherick

Newcastle University

Co-Investigators: Dr Jaume Bacardit

Institutional Support: Dr Jaume Bacardit

University of Sussex

Co-Investigators: Professor Thomas Nowotny

Institutional Support: Mr James Knight

University of Warwick

Co-Investigators: Professor Giovanni Montana

Institutional Support: Professor Giovanni Montana

University of Exeter

Co-Investigators: Professor Tim Dodwell

Institutional Support: Dr Omar Jamil

Lancaster University

Co-Investigators: Dr Chris Jewell

Institutional Support: Dr Robin Long, Dr Mike Pacey

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