Requesting an account

For information on requesting an account on JADE please follow the link below:

Getting an account — JADE documentation

This link covers how to apply for a Hartree SAFE account, a JADE project account and a Hartree “ServiceNow” account (Hartree’s self-service customer portal). Please note access to ServiceNow will only be provided after the user has registered within SAFE and joined a project.

Please be aware, access to these systems and projects is not automatically approved. Project membership approval is completed by the project’s PI or PM. Hartree is responsible for account provisioning, but only once the project’s PI/PM has approved project membership and has added the user to one or more project groups.

Generating SSH Keys

Information on generating SSH keys is detailed below:

Generating SSH Keys

You will need to provide your SSH public key as part of your SAFE account registration process (you must never share your private key with anybody). Please note that new or updated SSH keys are deployed to the respective user account by Hartree during business hours, only.

Accounts pending SSH key availability will result in reminders sent at 1, 2- and 3-week intervals. After a period of 4 weeks pending, due to a missing key, the request for the account will be declined.


Local Institutional Support

Partner institutions provide technical support for their users through local HPC experts. They will provide guidance to users starting out on JADE and can also direct users to sources of specialist information if required.

Currently, the local points of contact are listed on the main support page linked below:

Support (

Where to raise requests for further support

For issues with using your SAFE account on JADE, SSH keys, jobs failing or service availability, please contact the Hartree helpdesk.

For specialist questions relating to the use of JADE please contact your local institutional support in the first instance, information for which can be found here:

Support (

For technical queries about software/drivers please use the GitHub Issue tracker.

Service availability

For information on service availability, including scheduled maintenance, then please follow the link below to the Hartree Centre’s status page:

Hartree Services Status - Hartree Centre Customer Portal (

Hartree Centre scheduled maintenance occurs on the first and third Wednesday of each month. When specific packages of maintenance work are scheduled on these days, an announcement will be made via e-mail (subject to users having chosen not to opt out of informational e-mails) and the Hartree Centre Status Page will be updated accordingly.

Do the compute nodes have direct access to the Internet?

No, and this is a design and implementation decision for the service and not one that will be changed. Please refer to your local RSE or the community support pages, in the first instance, if you require more information or support regarding approaches to working with this constraint.

Information for PIs and Project Managers

The Information for PIs and Project Managers can be found using the link below:

Information for PIs and Project Managers — JADE documentation

We are always looking for new ideas and feedback.

Any questions or comments, please report it via GitHub issue tracker.