JADE System Status

The current status of the JADE system is displayed on the Hartree Centre Status page.

JADE Documentation

JADE Quick Start Guide is available here with thanks to Dr. Djordje Baljozovic from Bath University.

Documentation on common tasks and how to use JADE is available here.

SAFE Account Support

For issues with using your SAFE account on JADE, please contact the Hartree helpdesk. Note that this helpdesk only provides support in account management, for questions about using JADE instead contact your local institutional support and for technical queries about software/drivers please use the GitHub Issue tracker.

Technical/Software Support

If you have any technical questions or issues, please contact your local University RSE support in the first instance - see below for details. For common questions please see our FAQ page. If you have any general issues please use our GitHub Issue tracker.

Institutional Support

The partner universities provide technical support for their users through local HPC experts. They will provide guidance to users starting to use JADE, and can also direct users to sources of specialist information if required.

Institution Current local points of contact
The Alan Turing Institute Dr Jim Madge, Dr Tomas Lazauskas, Dr David Llewellyn-Jones
University of Bath Mr Mark Townsend
University of Bristol Dr Dima Damen, Saptarshi Sinha
University of Exeter Dr Omar Jamil, Professor Tim Dodwell
Imperial College London Dr Ahmed Fetit, Professor Aldo Faisal. Dr Dugan Witherick
Kings College London Dr Eric Kerfoot, Dr Marc Modat, Professor Richard Christie
Lancaster University Dr Robin Long, Dr Mike Pacey
Leeds University Professor David Hogg
HecBioSim Professor Syma Khalid
Newcastle University Dr Jaume Bacardit
University of Oxford Advanced Researching Computing Support
Queen Mary University of London Professor Mark Sandler, Mr Tom King
Loughborough University Professor Qinggang Meng
University of Sheffield Mr Twin Karmakharm, Dr Paul Richmond
University of Surrey servicedesk@surrey.ac.uk
University of Sussex Dr James Knight, Dr Nowotny
University College London Dr David Gregory, Neil Daesche
University of Warwick Professor Giovanni Montana
University of York Dr James Walker

We are always looking for new ideas and feedback.

Any questions or comments, please report it via GitHub issue tracker.